Weight Watchers Day

Wednesday, Feb 12

After missing two meetings, I finally got to one today–the bad news/good news is, I’m up 1.4 pounds.  (It’s bad news because I gained instead of lost, and good news because it could have been worse! 🙂  )  Plus, I felt well enough to go out in the first place, which is really good news.
The meeting was excellent, by the way–I came away re-inspired and ready for action!
My sincerest thanks to all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement–you really are the best.  Is it any wonder I love every last one of you?  I feel better with every passing day, thank heaven.  I’m super into the book–so close to finishing–and anxious to get back to it, I must confess.  However, since I missed blogging yesterday, I really wanted to touch base with all of you.
I’ll be putting in an appearance in Dallas, Texas this weekend, as I’m participating in an autographing event put on by the wonderful folks over at Fresh Fiction–a very nice news and review website.  You might want to hop on over and take a look.
I’m sure feeling sorry for all of you caught in those awful Eastern storms–WOW.  We’ve had snow, and extreme cold, here in Spokane, but nothing like what we’re seeing in the news.  Today, in fact, the sun is shining, the sky is bluer than blue, and the white stuff is melting.  However, it’s ICY as all get-out. 
This morning, while walking Bernice–Jenni normally does this but she goes to WW with me on Wednesdays–Kat spotted bear tracks in the snow.  Now, we see the occasional moose, plenty of coyotes and turkeys and deer, too, but bears?  Not so much.  Yikes.  Running into one of those big hairy critters on a walk is more adventure than I need, I can tell you that.  Anyway, Kat and Bernicie went for a ride in Kat’s truck instead of picking their way over the ice.  Bernice is a little gimpy, anyway.  (Hey, she’s almost fourteen, after all.)  She’s also developed an enlarged heart and some respiratory problems, and getting her to take the pills is a job for a better woman than I am.  Fortunately, her vet, the most excellent Dr. Steve Bauer at Latah Creek Animal Care, got in touch with the folks at the Medicine Shoppe and, voila!, Bernice is getting the necessary meds in liquid form–bacon-flavored, no less.   Silly dog.  🙂  I live to spoil her.
I haven’t really been well enough to read a lot lately, so I listen to my trusty audio books, podcasts and Great Courses lectures.  Right now, I’m into “Lost Civilizations of South America”, one of the Great Courses, and it’s pretty darned interesting.  I’ve always been fascinated by stories about lost cities, vine-covered and forgotten, full of strange and wonderful things.  🙂  Podcasts I’m really enjoying: Jim Harald’s Campfire and the Paranormal Podcast, both available on iTunes.  Check them out if you like spooky stuff.
I know, I know–these podcasts are quite the combination with my favorite, the Daily Audio Bible, but there you go.  A little variety makes life a lot more interesting.
Do I actually believe in ghosts?  I’m not sure, really–but I love it when somebody tries to convince me.  🙂
Stay warm, my friends, and keep commenting.  The current contest ends on Monday, and a new one begins the same day.

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