Weight Watchers Report, Etc.

Wednesday, Aug 13

This morning I was down 1.2 pounds, so I’m happy.  🙂
Last evening, while Bernice and I were returning from our walk, I caught a glimpse of red on some tomato plants over by the greenhouse–yeehaw!  I scored some nice ones, and carried them back to the house.  Made a sandwich (yum) with one and sliced another to have with my supper.  Delicious!!!  No such thing as too many fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes.
As promised, here’s the name of the woman who wrote DOLLBABY: Laura Lane McNeal.  I so loved this book!  Another favorite I could compare it to is THE KITCHEN HOUSE.  I seem to be on a Marie Antoinette kick at the moment–I think I downloaded three different biographies.  Recently, I listened to one about her daughter, Marie Therese–I can’t seem to find the title at the moment.  Anyway, it was fascinating–I had no idea that any of the doomed royals’ children survived to adulthood, but M.T. lived long enough to see two of her uncles restored to the French throne, though the Bourbon dynasty didn’t last.  She was an incredibly intelligent woman, charming and very, very brave.  She endured several years in prison, under horrendous conditions.  Her only living sibling, a small boy, died in the same prison.  Had he lived, he would have been Louis IVII.  Although this story is terribly sad, it was also a tribute to courage and forgiveness-Marie Therese’s father, King Louis the IVI, publically forgave his killers–from the scaffold.  The Queen–who NEVER said ‘let them eat cake”, by the way–faced her own death with dignity.  Contrary to popular belief, Marie Antoinette was a very generous woman who gave a great deal of food and money to the poor, all during her reign.
Alas, I ramble.  🙂
That’s about it for today, my friends.  Be well, be safe and always, always be kind.

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