Wendy is Fine

Monday, Mar 14

But all those poor people in Japan. It’s heartbreaking. Lots of prayers going up from here.

Friend Robyn Carr reports she was on Maui when the wave-alerts began. Everyone in her hotel was moved to an upper floor, but so far, so good.

“A Creed in Stone Creek” continues to do well out there in the market place. It’s fantastic.

I’m listening to a memoir on my iPod–I do love memoirs, as I’ve said before.

I did a smidge of art work over the weekend–prepared a mixed media background in shades of blue (my favorite). At the moment, I plan on painting a close-up of a sunflower, but like my writing, my art is largely organic. Parts of it seem to evolve on their own, which means the sunflower could morph into a house or a woman or any number of other creations. Since gesso (a primer) needs 24 hours to dry, I prepared more canvases for those fits of creativity that tend to come 3 at a time. 🙂

Much love to you and yours. Hug somebody. Smile at somebody. It’s an uncertain world, but a beautiful one.

Back tomorrow.

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