What a week!

Friday, Aug 02

The start of a new book is always challenging, and “The Marriage Pact” is no exception.  I got way into Chapter 2 and didn’t like the all around feel of it–so I deleted that and started over.  🙂  You know me and Starting Over.  The thing is, if the first part of the book isn’t right, the rest of it won’t be, either.  Next week, I hope, things will begin to flow more smoothly.
I got up at 4, as usual, listened to the Daily Audio Bible–I just love Brian Hardin’s voice, his commentaries on the day’s passages, and especially his prayers.  They are always profound and so often seem to apply directly to my life, and the things that are going on at the time.  His energy and commitment astound me–he’s been reading every day for EIGHT YEARS, often while in some other part of the world or on the road here in the U.S. and Canada.  On the few occasions Brian couldn’t do the reading himself–the time he was rushed to the hospital with an agonizing kidney stone, for instance–his wife, Jill, reads for him.  She’s a delight, and always has the hardest time with Old Testament names.  🙂  If you’re looking for something like this, do try: www.dailyaudiobible.com
Things I did last night: picked and cooked some of my very own squash, one yellow and two zuks, sauted them in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil, some salt and pepper–delicious!  Sprinkled mico-scopic, shiny beads onto artist trading cards down in my art room, washed and pressed quilt fabric, and made some paper beads by rolling inch-wide strips of black and white scrap paper around bamboo skewers and gluing down the ends.  They turned out very well, and I plan to try the same process with strips of fabric later today.  Stay tuned–Jenni and I are trying to learn to post pictures on this blog and by George, we won’t quit until we succeed!  Fell into bed and listened to a new novel called “Letters from Skye”–lovely story so far.
Bernice is snoozing beside me in her office-bed as I write this–spoiled dog.  🙂  She has at least one bed in practically every room in the house–in the ones I frequent most often, of course.  She’s getting a little hard of hearing, so I have to be careful not to startle her, and I don’t think she sees as well as she once did.  Whichever side of the kitchen door she happens to be on, she wants to be on the other one.  She’ll stand and wait at an open door because, since she can see me through the glass, she thinks there’s a barrior between us and will not move.  Only when I go and stand in the gap will she set paw over the threshold.  She often sleeps on her back, with all four fluffy feet sticking up in the air, and she always welcomes a tummy rub.
Someone commented that I ought to think about getting another dog, and I often do think of that, because I love them so.  HOWEVER, Bernicie played second-fiddle to Sadie-beagle for so long, and she loves being the only dog in the household.  I expected her to miss Sadie, or even pine for her, but she acts as if Sadie is still here–and maybe she is.  Either way, Bernice retains her right to the status of being our CED–chief executive dog.
The cats, Cha Cha and Jitterbug, have charms of their own.  They sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night wanting me to turn on a trickle of cold water in the bathtub–Jitterbug will yowl, in fact, until I do.  Mary Ann thought one of those small, decorative fountains might be just the ticket, so we set one up.  So far, they’re giving it a wide berth, but I’m hoping they’ll clue in eventually.  Even if they don’t, a fountain is good chi.  🙂
Things I plan to do this weekend:
Make more quilt pieces.
Whip up that batch of Mac and Cheese.
Do my very best to stay out of fabric shops.  🙂
As if.
See you Monday.

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