What a Weekend!

Monday, Jul 18

Friend Jean and I attended a two-day workshop at Spokane Art Supply on Saturday and Sunday.  The teacher was the famous Teesha Moore, creator of Artfest and artist extraordinaire.  (Check out her profile in the current issue of Somerset Studio).  We learned so much!

Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed for Denny’s for a fortifying breakfast, coffee,and lots of visiting.  Then it was on to SAS for Teesha’s visual journaling class.  We learned to make a book, and bind it, from watercolor paper.  We splashed color around and collaged and there was a lot of happy concentration, broken by intermittment bursts of laughter.  We were introduced to products we’d never tried before, like Sharpie poster paint markers.  There was a great deal of snipping, arranging, rearranging of images–and the wonderful thing about this method is that if you don’t like something, you can just cover it with something else.

After class, Jean and I went to Red Lobster where we had a delicious dinner–unfortunately, by the time the food came, we were so full of appetizers (deep fried broccoli–yum–and calimari) and Caesar salad that we didn’t have much room left.  No problemo!  We brought the stuff home, tucked it into the fridge, and made supper of it last night.

By Sunday morning, when we returned for the second day of the workshop, our various projects were well under way.  The air was charged with energy and creative ideas, and there was color everywhere.  One of the best things was looking at the other students’ work–I learned so much that it will take me days, if not years, to assimilate it all.

Now, I’m all refreshed and ready to write.

I’ll post some pictures today–watch this space.

Jean has gone now, off to a quilting workshop at the Grunwalde Guild, over near Leavenworth.  We’re already looking forward to the next artistic discovery.

And that’s the news.

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