What I Will Soon Be “Reading”

Wednesday, Oct 07

Jeanette Walls, author of the fabulous “The Glass Castle”, has a new book out, called “Half Broke Horses.” Even as I write this blog, the latter is downloading straight into my iPod–now you know why ‘reading’ is in quotations at the top of this blog. I can hardly WAIT to start listening to Walls’ latest–“The Glass Castle”, which I read in print form, was so good I couldn’t put it down. Not only that, but it got me hooked on personal memoirs. Can’t get enough of ’em, ladies and gentlemen.

Although nothing replaces a good old-fashioned book kind of book, I admit to being a major fan of the recorded variety. At the end of a day at the computer, I’m often tired of looking at words, much as I love them, and prefer to listen. I’m one of Audible.com’s best customers, as you can imagine. I even like to listen to my OWN books sometimes, but only when they’ve been finished for a long, long time. Too soon, and I’m wanting to change this and change that and I just start fixating and that’s no good, of course.

Today, more writing. I’m loving the new book, and I’m hoping you will, too. Eventually, I’ll be able to download it from Audible.com and maybe even be objective.

Or not.


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