What I’m “Reading” and Reading

Friday, Jun 11

“A Prayer for Owen Meany”, by John Irving, is my current fascination on my iPod. I could do without the political soapboxing, but the story is wonderful and the writing goes well beyond wonderful. If you’ve never read, or listened to, this novel, I highly recommend it. The Volkswagen scene alone makes it worth every effort. 🙂 I can’t wait to “read” more books by this author. (Yes, I know John Irving is not a new kid on the block. But he’s new to me.)

The ongoing in-print read is Juliet Nicolson’s “The Perfect Summer, England 1911, Just Before the Storm.” It is so vivid and, having spent much time in London, it’s easy for me to picture many of the locations. Special thanks to my pal Leslee Borger for recommending another winner of a book.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also my dad’s birthday. It goes without saying that I miss him very much, and I knew he wouldn’t want me “crying in my beer”, as he’d probably have put it, so I went off to play a few slot machines. I was lucky, too. But, then, I’m almost always lucky. With slot machines, it’s sort of spooky–guess where Mojo Sheepshanks got her penchant for them. 🙂

Today, I’ll definitely be writing.

And that’s the news from the upstairs alcove on this fine morning.

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