Winners and an Update

Tuesday, Jan 03

First order of business, announcing our winners, who will each receive an autographed book by yours truly.  This week, they are Brenda LaFone and Doris M. Ellis.  Congratulations, both of you.  For those of you who are new to the blog (welcome), the contest runs every week, with a few exceptions, and you enter by commenting.  2 new winners will be chosen at random, notified, announced on this blog, and awarded–you guessed it–autographed copies of my latest book.
Now, for the update.  Several of you asked questions about oil pulling, as discussed on yesterday’s blog.  One was, “What kind of oil do you use?”  The answer: I currently use organic sesame oil, because that was recommended in one of the articles I read on Pinterest.  That said, most people use coconut oil.  Yes, you can use the solid kind, it will liquify in the warmth of your mouth, and yes you can buy liquid oil, as well as solid, in any good grocery store.  The only caveat is, the oil should always be organic.  I’m told that organic olive oil is good, too, but you’ll want to stay away from the standard varieties of vegetable oil, because most of them have a lot of preservatives–I don’t use them for anything, personally, but of course opinions are subjective, and that happens to be mine.  Most sites recommend that you use the oil for 15-20 minutes, first thing in the morning–day one, I lasted 5 minutes–but today I hopped onto my exercise bike and sloshed and swished as I rode, which made it easy.  At first, the taste bothered me, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer.
Some important things to remember: DO NOT SPIT the oil into the sink or toilet when you’re finished.  Use the trash can.  Otherwise, you’re bound to mess up your plumbing, and who needs that?  Second thing to remember: NEVER, BUT NEVER swallow the oil.  It has been drawing toxins from throughout your body for 20 minutes, which means it will be nasty stuff.  I brush with regular toothpaste afterward, and I’m good to go.  At night, I use activated charcoal, which has also whitened my teeth considerably.  Since there is some debate about whether brushing with charcoal is safe or not, I recommend consulting your dentist–I have an appointment this month and plan to get his opinion.  Since I have had good results so far, I will probably continue, unless he has a VERY convincing argument.  I’ve found that regular doctors and dentists, necessary as they are, often have a knee-jerk reaction to alternative medicine.  Therefore, I will listen carefully, and decide for myself.  
That’s why God gave me a brain.  🙂

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