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Monday, Sep 29

First, our winners: Fran F and Mary D.Wornick, it’s your lucky day.  🙂  What’s that you say?  You’re not Fran or Mary?  Not to worry–there’s a new round in progress as of today.  🙂  Comment, and you’re in.  Maybe when next Monday rolls around, I’ll be announcing your name. 
My weekend was a full one–on Saturday, Bernicie and I made our usual mail run.  She rode in her brand new car seat, and she was a bit nervous at first, since she usually rides in my lap–which, alas, turns out to be illegal.  Who knew?  Also, since the Yorkster is, after all, 14 years old, and incontinent in the bargain, she doesn’t smell all that great first thing in the morning.  🙂  She’s still getting used to riding in style, but she does like being able to see through the windshield.  I had lunch with an old friend, Jean Barrington, and we talked a mile a minute, trying to catch up. It was great!  After lunch, we stopped by Michael’s for a few supplies (as if I needed any more).  Jean makes beautiful quilts and has an amazing eye for color–showed me a picture of a truly gorgeous banner she made for her church.  Earlier, I’d stopped by our new Party City store and picked up bunches of beautiful paper napkins to be used in various projects.  I like to Modge Podge them to artist trading cards, after peeling away the extra layers.  Most of the images have a nice glow to them once they’ve been glued down.
On to the topic of pink flamingos.  (Come to think of it, that phrase might be redundant, like ‘continue on’–is there any other way TO continue?–do flamingos actually come in any color besides pink?)  My dear friend Debbie Macomber and I have been playing a little game for years; we search for weird gifts to send each other, just for laughs.  Fortunately for both of us, the phenomenon occurs once or twice in a decade–the metal flamingos, on proud display in my front yard by the way, since I happen to LOVE them, were purchased in good-humored retaliation for the ugly Elvis clock I sent Debbie’s way a few years ago.  (All I can say is, thank heaven she didn’t seek revenge for the three-D, light up Last Supper I sent before that.  🙂  )  Debbie’s husband, Wayne, a witty guy, remarked at the time that the picture would look wonderful in the back of a closet.  Another favorite Wayne remark was made as he and Debbie were leaving a church service, wherein some pretty bad wine had been served in Communion.  Wayne: “If I were Jesus, I’d turn that stuff back into water.”)
And the books!  So many good ones, so little time.  Yeesh.  I’ve read a few pages of “Mrs. Poe”, a novel, and the detail is so vivid I could almost believe I was actually visiting 19th century New York.  Why didn’t I learn to speed-read?  🙂

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