Winners, what I did this weekend and Mondays in general

Monday, Mar 09

First, our current winners. They are: Regina Merchant and Cheryl Verkon. Autographed books will soon be winging their way toward you, ladies. Congratulations and thanks for entering. The new contest is in progress as of today, so get those comments in. That’s all you have to do to enter. If your name comes up in the next random drawing, you will receive an email from Jenni, requesting your snail mail info. If you do not receive an email from Jenni, then you didn’t win, but no need to be discouraged, just enter again. 🙂 Peristence pays.
Regarding the weekend, we had fabulously sunny (if cold) weather both days, and Bernice and I made the best of it. Even though she’ll be 15 on April 14, this dog loves to go for walks–loves to go anywhere, for that matter. 🙂 She’s a peppy little dickens, for sure. Anyway, we did some exploring and some hanging out in the barn–her favorite place to visit.
Yesterday, the family celebrated our boy Lucas’s 8th birthday–hard to believe he’s that old already. 🙂 Five minutes ago, it seems to me, he was a baby. Lucas is smart, funny, and affectionate–and, yes, as his great-aunt, I’m prejudiced. 🙂 We all enjoyed barbecued hamburgers, the usual accompaniments, and a lot of laughter–though I did skip the birthday cake. (Wednesday’s weigh-in is coming up fast, and last week’s number was sobering.)
Mondays. I love them. Mostly. 🙂

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