Would you believe…

Tuesday, Apr 29

That I didn’t blog yesterday because I was abducted by aliens and subjected to cosmetelogical (is that even a word?) experiments involving very bad hair-styles?
🙂 No, I didn’t think so. 
It is true, however, that my sister Sally and I send each other regular phone-photos showing the crazy things that seem to happen to our hair during the night.  (Mine often looks as though I stood on my head the whole time.)  We have a running joke, claiming the aliens have once again subjected us to truly terrible coiffures while we slumbered.  (And if you saw some of those pictures, you might believe it.)
Jenni reminded me to remind you that this week’s contest began yesterday.  I maintained that you already knew that, but she insisted anyway.  So here it is.  🙂  There will be two winners–one will receive a copy of Gabrielle Bernstein’s MIRACLES NOW, a personal favorite of mine, and the other will be awarded one of my medicinal necklaces.  Both will also receive a signed copy of BIG SKY SECRETS.
I’m still sitting on this enormous secret–I am forbidden to breathe a word until I get the signal.  That hasn’t happened yet.
I’m listening to my iPod as I write this blog–the book is THE FIRST FIFTEEN LIVES OF HARRY AUGUST, by Claire North.  It’s an intriguing premise–don’t know if the story is good or not, as I’m only a few minutes in.  There’s a new Greg Ilses novel waiting in the que, NATCHEZ BURNING.  Ilses writes gritty suspense (sometimes too gritty), and I usually enjoy his tales.  I wait eagerly for each new book by Linwood Barclay, too–and Joy Fielding.  And…
Well, you get the idea.  The old saying is true: so many books, so little time.  I mostly read/listen to nonfiction–I absolutely LOVE a good memoir–but sometimes only a novel will fill the bill.
Tomorrow is Weight Watchers day–I’ve been good but who knows how I’ll do when I step on the scale.  I try not to have too many expectations.  🙂  (And don’t always succeed.)
Last night, Wendy, Jenni and I attended the class in crystals and gemstones at Wonders of the World, one of my favorite places to visit.  We learned a great deal and really enjoyed the whole process–it was an evening of discovery for me, and you know how much I love making discoveries. 
More tomorrow–later in the day.
Be blessed.

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