Wow! Did I do that????

Wednesday, May 16

I’m revising Chapter 2 of the new book today, and drafting Chapter 3.  I’m amazed at how easy this process has become since I started treatment for ADD!  It’s almost like that old fairy tale, where the shoemaker goes to bed and when he wakes up, the brownies have restocked his shelves with well-made shoes.  🙂  I’ve always loved writing, of course, but it used to be much harder to concentrate. 
The lovely weather continues–and how it delights my heart.  The lilacs are blooming–heavenly scent–and I need to do some pruning. 
Tomorrow I’m having my routine annual physical, but I’m not dreading it the way I usually do.  I have some kind of weird pain in my left foot–gout?–and I’ll be glad to find out what’s going on and what, if anything, I can do about it.  So much of life is about accepting what is, after all.  It’s not the things that happen that cause us so much angst and trouble, it’s our reaction to them.  Oddly enough, once I say, “Okay, I guess I just have to deal with that”, it gets easier.  Reminds me of M. Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled”–it’s a curious fact that once you accept the fact that life is difficult, it tends to smooth out a bit.  Go figure.
I’m still on the “Surprise me, God” path.  What a relief.  His ideas are always so much better than mine anyhow.  🙂
I read a great book on my Nook last night–couldn’t put it down.  Augusten Burroughs’ “This is How” is a punchy, shoot from the hip kind of book, about life in general.  I expected it to be a memoir–his “Running with Scissors” was a little too raunchy for me, but I might try it again–but instead he gave some very good pointers regarding the difficult things most of us have to deal with at one time or another.  The information is simple, and it’s right on target, for my money, but it isn’t for the easily offended.  Burroughs is blunt, and the f-word abounds, but truth is truth.  And in the words of the Big Guy, “The truth will set you free.”
I believe it.
Today, smile and offer somebody a kind word.  It’s okay if it’s you.

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