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Wednesday, Jul 21

I’m having a ball winding up “A Creed in Stone Creek”, the first of my new Creed trilogy. It’s quite the emotional ride, though, since I have to go through pretty much the same stresses and strains as my characters do. 🙂 I don’t do much right now except work on the book, dabble at artist trading cards (ATCs), and stick to the d.i.e.t. Mom is settled and doing well in rehab, and she gave me strict orders to finish that book. 🙂 Of course we’re keeping close tabs–Mary Ann visited yesterday, and Mike and Sarah and the kids have been by, too.

The lovely days of summer roll on. The veggies and flowers in my container garden are showing signs of delayed development–except for one heirloom tomato plant, which is HUGE–due to the rainy spring. Yesterday, as I was watering the strawberries, a tiny gray frog leaped out from among the leaves–he must have thought the spray from my hose was a typhoon.

At night when I fall into bed, I usually listen to a book on my iPod. I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s new one, “Medium Raw”. Bourdain suffers from a bad case of potty-mouth, but I still enjoy hearing about his culinary adventures. Maybe it’s because I can’t actually eat any of the great grub he talks about? 🙂 This may be a case of vicarious eating.

My good friends, Nancy Berland and Carol Smith, recently lost their brother, Hal. It’s been a tough year for the Oklahoma girls, that’s for sure. Love and blessings to you and yours, ladies, now and always. And don’t forget the red lipstick.

That’s the news from you-know-where.

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