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Wednesday, Aug 29

I kept intending to write yesterday’s blog, but I was already too deep into “Big Sky River” to focus on anything else.  Lots of prayers and no hay deliveries or appointments or sick horses helped.  And I must credit going low-carb with part of this burst of energy I’m enjoying–it’s quite amazing. 
I’m certainly no expert on the new lifestyle, so I’m trying to learn all I can.  If I’m going to succeed at this, and stick with it long-term, I know I need a varied menu.  Starting with George Stella (QVC is where I first saw him) cookbooks–and a week of pre-made low-carb meals to help me get the idea.  🙂
I’m also “studying up on my rodeo”, per my stepmother and some of you–and I’m LOVING it.  Walker Parrish, the hero of the next book, “Big Sky Summer”, is a rodeo contractor by profession, so I need to be up on the lingo–and certainly the rules of the game.  Funny–I was around rodeo a lot in my earlier life, then there was a long gap before I started attending to National Finals Rodeo in Vegas every December.  Some things have definitely  changed in the interim.  🙂  Starting with a book titled, “Fried Twinkies, Belt Bunnies and Bull Riders”.  Don’t you love it?  Why just the name of that book inspires me!
So today is, of course, a writing day, and I figured if I got into that story before I blogged, there would be another one missed.  So here I am.
Thanks, as always, for your comments.  I really appreciate them, and you, and I will dip in and answer a few as time allows.
Time for breakfast.  🙂

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