Thursday, Nov 07

I had my Weight Watcher’s meeting, and I did very well.  Wendy has now joined Jenni and I, and we made a morning of it.  We had lunch at Red Robin (I had a bowl of French Onion soup, 11 points) and went on to raid Hobby Lobby and the grocery store.  One thing about the WW plan–you have to shop more, because most of the foods you eat are fresh.  No wonder I feel worlds better!  I’ve lost 10 pounds in my first two weeks, and I had a 5oz glass of red wine every day!
Are any of you veterans or current members of Weight Watchers?  If so, please share your favorite tips, tricks or recipes in the comment section. 
Contest news: the same rules will apply every week–until Thanksgiving week, that is.  THEN, I’ll be awarding two lucky winners a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, your choice, as well as a signed book by yours truly.  This will continue for a total of four weeks.  As always, winners will be chosen by drawing, notified, and then announced on the blog.  No special rules; just be sure to comment. 
As you might have guessed, I’m in Christmas mode.  🙂  I bought cards at Hobby Lobby yesterday, along with a beautiful angel (she must be two feet tall) and a large nutcracker covered in light blue sequins.  I like to have my tree up by the day after Thanksgiving, so I can decorate and enjoy the lights and sparkle for as long as possible.  When it comes to Christmas, I have the heart of a five year old–except I no longer make a long list of desired items for Santa.  For me, Christmas is about giving–I am blessed to have more of everything than I need, so I always ask my friends not to give me presents.  (I still get plenty of them anyway–my favorites are the handmade ones.)  I like to give Jesus a present each year, because it’s His birthday, after all–this year, it was a donation to a wonderful program called Adopt A Platoon.  Along with the local animal shelters, this is a favorite charity–I have a soft spot in my heart for soldiers far from home, especially those in combat.
God bless our troops, one and all.  Freedom, as I often say, isn’t free–these young men and women fight for it–for us–every day.  So if you see a soldier, tell him or her thank you.  It’s the least we can do.
We have rain today instead of snow, but that’s okay.  I bought an old truck to use around the place, a one-ton for serious hay hauling, among other things, and today I hope to acquire a snowplow blade to attach to it.  Viva Craigslist.  🙂  My handyman, Doug, went to look at the thing, so we’ll see what he thinks of it.  Around here, we often marvel at Doug’s many talents; we have yet to find much of anything he can’t do.  🙂  The new rig will assure clear roads this winter, and won’t take as much of a toll on the Canadian Wrangler as using the tractor did.  Even when I don’t particularly want to go anywhere, it drives me stir-crazy to know I can’t.  I’ll be writing madly all winter, but once in a while, I’ve got to get out amongst ’em, as my grandfather, Dan Lael, used to say. 
My fondness for Hobby Lobby is a case in point.  Do I NEED more craft supplies?  Not hardly–especially now that Kat has my studio under control and I can find things.  What I DO need, is light and color and stimulation–I firmly believe this is necessary fuel for creativity, at least in my case.
Once again, I’ve rambled on.
Be safe, be warm, and be kind.  A smile and/or a gentle word of encouragement can change the course of a person’s life.

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