You guessed it! Technical difficulties.

Tuesday, Jun 05

I was all set to blog every day while I was at the wonderful CREATE art workshops in Irvine, California–and suffice it to say, the universe was not on my side in this matter.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get online, even on the hotel computers or my daughter’s iPad.  I’m not a big fan of MSN right now, suffice it to say.
In any case, I got home late last night–flight delayed out of Seattle but otherwise it was all smooth sailing–and I was (and am) seriously tired.  A certain Yorkie was very glad to see me, and immediately began to lobby for a trip to the barn.  🙂  Since it was nearly midnight, it didn’t happen, but she forgave me.
Where to start?  I learned so much in all my classes–I especially loved the Laurie Mika polymer clay ones.  I’ve been waiting to take a workshop with Laurie for years, and it was definitely worth it–she’s a great teacher and her stuff is so beautiful.  I bought one of her pieces at the Artists’ Faire, and I’ll be posting pictures soon, including a few of my own work.  I’m still assimilating all that input, and it will probably take days to tell you the whole story.  🙂
To begin, CREATE is put on by one of my two favorite magazines, “Cloth, Paper, Scissors”–the other being “Somerset Studio”.  This was my first experience with this particular event, and I am just thrilled.  There were oodles of great mixed media classes to choose from, and the teachers are wonderful.  (And so were the other students–everybody was so friendly and supportive and willing to share the this-or-thats that we long-distance travelers had forgotten to bring.  (My suitcases were a TSA field day anyway, with all those little packets of polymer clay and other tools.  And who packs paper towels?) The projects were hands-on, which is the way I learn best, the explanations clear, the ideas innovative and fresh.  YEEHAW!  My leisure time will be well-filled for a long, long time.
The new book is out–that’s always exciting and a little stressful.  Thanks to all of you for your kind comments–I’ll catch up, I promise.
Today, though, I need to rest up a bit, so I can get back into “Big Sky River” bright and early tomorrow morning.  I feel refreshed and inspired, and I can’t wait to get back to Parable, Montana and my people and critters there.
More tomorrow.

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