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Thursday, Sep 06

…are extra terrific today!  I’ve been scrolling through them, answering a few, and doing a lot of smiling.  Thank you.
On one recommendation, I’ve just downloaded three books by Reeve Lindberg, daughter of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindberg, and I can’t wait to read them all.  I do so love a good memoir, and that brave family has always fascinated me.  I remember reading “A Gift from the Sea” years ago–it was a landmark book, as I recall, and I think I’ll read it again. 
Actually, I’m thinking of starting a Happiness Project and sharing it on this blog.  That isn’t to say I’m not already happy, because I am–I love my life, my work, my family, friends and pets, along with reading, of course, and playing with my various art supplies.  But can anyone ever to TOO happy?  There’s a way to start a group on the Happiness Project (.com, of course) website.  It might be kind of fun if some of us made up our own group and pursued some extra happiness.  🙂  Is anybody game to try it?
Some things that make me happy:
1) Laughing with my daughter
2) Laughing with my mom
3) Laughing AND traveling with my sister, Sally.  🙂
4) Dogs, cats, horses and all manner of living things
5)Doing art and not having to be good at it
6)Writing a scene or creating a character (or both) and really feeling as though I’ve gotten it right.
7)Connecting with God, especially outside, when I’m looking around at His breathtaking Creation.
8) Every last one of you.
That’s it for today, gang.  Gotta get to Parable!
Be kind, and be happy.  It’s really a choice–we just need to make that choice deliberately and much more often.

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