Tuesday, Jun 16

Wow!  I love it when I hear from so many of you at once.
Mom is much better and planning to head on home later today; some of the crew will be checking on her regularly, though, to make sure she’s thriving.  It’s been fun having her here–she’s good company–but I understand her need to have her own things around her, sleep in her own bed, etc.  Now, to convince her that she doesn’t need to be sick to come out here to the Triple L for a few days and allow herself to be fussed over a little.  🙂
While I won’t be running any marathons, my ankle is better every day.  Sometimes gives me a twinge in the night, when I try to turn it the wrong way, and some swelling remains, but all in all, it’s close to normal. 
I just finished reading an interesting book on my Kindle: “American Ghost”, by Hannah Nordhaus.  Ms. Nordhaus’s great-great grandmother, Julia Staab, came to New Mexico in pioneer days, traveling all the way from her home in Germany to set up housekeeping with a new husband.  She was quite young, and didn’t speak English.  Her life was difficult in many ways, though the Staabs became very wealthy, and eventually her health failed.  The book is partly her life story, partly the author’s memoir, and partly a broader history of the entire family.  Eventually, Julia became famous as a ghost, alledgedly haunting the Santa Fe hotel, now known as La Posada, that was originally her home.  I found the book fascinating.
So, how are you all doing with those gratitude journals?  I gotta say, this practice alone has practically revolutionalized my way of thinking–I’ve been keeping mine consistently since April 1, with five or more entries in the morning and five or more in the evening, and I wouldn’t dream of stopping.  Want to join me?  🙂  It’s not that hard, really.  No matter how bad things seem, there are always reasons to be grateful.  Did the sun rise this morning in your part of the world?  Are you breathing?  Were you able to get out of bed?  I could go on and on, obviously, but you get the idea.  Get yourself a notebook–or use a fancy journal, like I do–and try this for one full month.  List 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for every single day.
I dare you.

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