Black Friday? Not for me. 🙂

Friday, Nov 29

I’ve rechristened today, the 29th of November, 2013, from “black Friday” to “blessed Friday”.  🙂  The gratitude we celebrated yesterday lingers, a deep and sweet knowledge that no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in, there is always reason to offer thanks, whether aloud or in the silence of our hearts.  (This, you see, is where God lives, not in distraction and hurry, not in some far-off heaven, but right here, in that peaceful inner place we call the heart.)
Now, don’t get nervous.  I’m not fixing to preach a sermon, here.  I’m just speaking from my own heart, telling you what’s true for me–and becoming truer not just with every passing day, but with every passing moment.  For all the dangers and challenges out there, I know, as a great philosopher once said, allow me to paraphrase, WHAT LIES WITHOUT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT LIES WITHIN.  (Or, as the New Testament puts it, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”)
Amen to that, friends.
There is a safe place, a place of refuge and peace and plenty, and that place is tucked away behind your very own heartbeat.  Seek, and you shall find–and don’t lose hope if it takes a while.
The first of the holiday contests ends today; as mentioned before, two of you will be notified and awarded either a Barnes and Noble or an Amazon gift card–I’m giving away one of each.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as we did.   I spent the morning puttering, reading, etc., and tossed a small organic turkey in the oven around noon.  Instead of stuffing the bird itself, I wrapped the stuffing in foil and cooked it that way.  It turned out very well, juicy and moist.  Jeremy peeled and cooked and mashed the potatoes, and I whipped up some gravy.  (Yum.)   There were green beans and rolls, and the kids brought pumpkin pie for dessert, along with light Cool Whip.  (Yes, I did indulge–but I didn’t overindulge–that is the gift of viewing Weight Watchers as a way of life rather than a temporary fix.)  Jenni joined us for the meal, and a good time was had by all–including Margie, W & J’s golden retriever, and Bernicie.  (The cats hid out as they always do when there are too many different energies gathered in the house they consider their own and only grudgingly share with me.)
By the time dinner was over, I was too pooped for a movie or any crafting.  I retreated for the night, and the three younger folks hung out for a while, talking and laughing, and just generally having a nice evening.
I listened to more of “The Goldfinch”–I’m close to finishing the story, and very curious about the outcome.  (The hero is going through a dark time, though, and I’ll be glad when–or if–he straightens up and flies right.)  🙂  In a good book, in my humble opinion, the characters grow and evolve as people over the course of the story.  If they hit a few rough spots along the way, no worries.  That’s how life is, after all.
Bernice is back from her barn visit and curled up in her office bed.
And I’m expected in Mustang Creek, Wyoming.
Be blessed, and tune in on Monday for another episode.  🙂

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