Thanksgiving and more

Wednesday, Nov 27

Today is Weight Watchers day–I expect to do okay, even though I indulged a little more than I probably should have during the recent visit to Seattle.  🙂  Thing is, I didn’t go wild, so it’s all good.  I tend to alternate between a very good week (last week, an amazing 6 pounds) and a leveling-out week anyway.
We’re doing a very casual Thanksgiving at the Triple L–much of the crew is Canadian, and they had their Thanksgiving back in October, so they’re not ready for another holiday dinner just yet, especially with Christmas so close.  I’m cooking up a small turkey–around here, we like the leftovers better than the actual dinner–for Wendy, Jeremy and I, and we’ll probably do some crafting or watch a movie.  Maybe both.  Mom is dining with friends at her retirement center.
For me, every day is Thanksgiving, because I have so much to be grateful for–a God who loves me, a wonderful family, a whole bunch of great friends, my cats, horses and Porkie-Yorkie, Bernicie, a career I love, a country I would die for, good health and, of course, all of you.  You are truly a blessing to me–I love your comments and being part of our virtual community. 
Let’s call our online town Parable, just for the heck of it.  🙂
The more I learn about gemstones, the more I want to know.  🙂  It’s amazing, how this new interest just keeps unfolding.
I have another EMDR appointment this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to it, big-time.  Last week’s session was almost miraculous.  I continue to get questions about this form of therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and I’m definitely no expert, since this will only be my third visit.  That said, if you search “EMDR” on Youtube, or just Google the term, you’ll find basic information, short videos, etc.
I know a few of you have experience with EMDR.  Did it help you?  If so, how?
I continue to listen to “The Goldfinch”, by Donna Tartt–I had to be strict with myself and unplug at a (fairly) reasonable hour last night, because my inclination was to just keep listening, on and on.  Such a good story–the kind that makes me desperate to know what happens next.  🙂  I love books like that, whether they’re in audio or printed form.
One of you mentioned my former fascination with Julia Child and her fabulous beef bourginon (probably misspelled)–I’ve been turning that recipe over in my mind recently, pondering how I might lower the Points value without spoiling the flavor.  It occurs to me, belatedly of course, that I can go to the WW website, type in the recipe, and find out almost instantly how many Points to subtract from my daily total–currently 28, though I start with 24, allowing for my one 5 oz glass of wine later in the day.  🙂  If I remember correctly, the site even suggests ways to modify the recipe–life is good.
Speaking of life being good, I’m nearing the end of my second year of listening to the Daily Audio Bible.  If you were thinking of beginning the podcast on January 1 (Sally, this means you), this would be a good time to mark your calendar.  Brian Hardin, who does the reading, except for rare occasions when his wife, Jill, fills in for him, offers wonderful commentaries and always a prayer–I’ve learned so much.  (If you’re joining the DAB family, a word of advice.  Hang in there.  The Old Testament can be a challenge.  🙂 But this is truly worth doing.)
Be blessed.
I’ll be back either tomorrow or Friday.

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