Tuesday, Jan 12

I continue to make discoveries, mostly related to arts and crafts at this point in my illustrious career (insert smiley face here)–but definitely spilling over into my writing. Color, texture, form and shape–these things enrich my entire life. The so-called failures are the most instructive, and exciting, of all.

Go figure. It IS possible to fail one’s way to success!

Yesterday, I wrote about aprons. Sister Sally sews like a dream, and she immediately suggested that we make some. I, on the other hand, sew more like a nightmare. But, hey, I’m game. I bought fabric for two aprons this past weekend, as I’ve probably already told you, and I’m gearing up to make them. Would that I could remember how to thread the machine properly. 🙂

I will definitely post pictures of the finished project–when I finish it.

Some of my favorite discoveries:

Podcasts: Craftcast, Craftypod, Craftsanity and Cast On are my favorites. They’re all available on iTunes or the websites. If you don’t own an MP3 player, you can still listen on your computer.
At this site, you can “rent” art videos and watch them on your computer. Favorites of mine are: Claudine Hellmuth and Mary Todd Beam.

Anglican prayer beads. Who knew? There is a Protestant rosary–I’d never heard of these lovely things until I listened to an interview on Craftsanity. (Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood does wonderful, long interviews with artists and craftspeople from all disciplines. Fascinating stuff.)
Anyway, I ordered some prayer beads on Etsy, and I love them.–fabulous source for mixed media. Also online classes.–Suzi Blu’s fantastic painting site. I have learned SO much through her wacky but wonderful online videos.

So many crafts, so little time.

I’m headed for Blue River, Texas, to meet up with a sexy cowboy named Austin McKettrick.

Talk about discoveries.

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