Fog Blog 3

Wednesday, Jan 13

Folks are dealing the the results of major disasters and not commenting on such tragedy seems wrong. On the other hand, the media news will cover the situation thoroughly, along with any new developments. So all I’m going to say about the earthquake in Haiti follows here: please pray for the people involved. If you can afford to help with a donation, however small, please do that. I’ve been trying to get through to the Red Cross to make a contribution, but the site seems to be on overload. I suppose that’s good news–lots of people must be logging on to offer financial help. I’ll try again later.

And now back to my regular blog.

The draw is billowing with fog, and we’ve been getting a little rain. That’s always good.

I’m swamped with art projects and having the best time with my new book. Slow, but steady. That’s how I seem to be running this particular race.

Yesterday I mentioned some of my favorite websites, and I forgot one. I also love–I finally found a place to trade my ATCs in an organized fashion. This is loads of fun. I’ll post a few photos in a little while.

Things are pretty quiet here on the old homestead. I like it that way.

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