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Friday, Dec 27

Ruby Norwood and Zola Udell, come on down!!!  Happy book-buying, ladies.  🙂
Yesterday’s first gratitude journal entry: Thank You, God, for Christmas and all it’s meaning.  Yesterday’s second  entry: Thank You that it’s over  for another year.  🙂
To quote my dear old dad, I’ve had about all the fun I can stand. 
I need to WORK, for one thing.  For me, writing is like breathing, and my soul seems to smother a little when I can’t spend enough time in my imagination, making discoveries about characters and places–getting insights, having adventures.  It’s a great job.
Are you joining those of us in the blog family and keeping a gratitude journal?  I hope so.  Later on down the trail, we can compare notes. 
On New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day–not sure which–I’ll be writing about the Desire Mapping experience, rather than setting resolutions, which never seem to work for me.  In a way, this is an experiment–let’s give this “feeling thing” a try.  At intervals, we’ll discuss our progress.
 Finally, I’d just like to boast that I am beginning my third trip through the Bible this year, with Brian Hardin at
Although I made many attempts to read my way through various one-year Bibles in the past, I always seemed to get bogged down somewhere in the Old Testament.  After the great stories in Genesis and Exodus, of course, one lands squarely in Leviticus, and that’s hard going.  (I don’t run into the same challenge with the New Testament, not until Revelations, that is, but being an all-or-nothing kind of gal, I wanted a whole Bible experience.)
I found what I was looking for when I “accidentally” came across the Daily Audio Bible podcast.  Brian not only has a very nice voice, but he explains a lot of things in his brief but wonderful commentaries, and his prayers are genuinely heartwarming.  Most podcasts are followed by call-in prayer requests and ‘praise reports’ from other DAB members, and after a while, you start feeling as if you know the regulars, like Viola and Blind Tony and “Annette from Oklahoma City”.  There are joyous calls, sad calls, and calls that make me roll my eyes–hey, I never claimed to be anywhere near perfect :)–and they come in from all over the world.  I always send up a prayer for the caller, as do millions of other members, and may I just say, there is real power in so many prayers being offered at once.  If you start listening to the podcast, you will hear miraculous things.  And your own life will change, slowly, subtly, but definitely.  On the DAB, every new year has a theme word; in 2012, when I started, the word was “shift”, 2013 was “rhythm”, and 2014 will be “return.”
I love that–because I so often wander, and need to ‘return’ to God, not so much because I’m rebellious as because I am so easily distracted.  🙂  I have ADD and I’m a Gemini, and the combination gives me a tendency to bounce from one project or idea to another. 
I mean well, but still.  🙂
Enjoy your weekend; rest if you can.
And get ready for the new contest beginning on Monday.  As ever, there will be two winners, chosen at random.  ONE winner will receive a copy of Danielle LaPorte’s wonderful book, THE DESIRE MAPPING EXPERIENCE, along with a signed copy of BIG SKY SECRETS.  The second winner will get BIG SKY SECRETS and a small but fun surprise.

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