Is tomorrow REALLY New Year’s Eve? Plus, presents from a dog.

Monday, Dec 30

I received some fantastic Christmas gifts this year, including beautiful gemstones from my lovely daughter, Wendy, a sweater from my sister, Sally, aka Thankful Rose on Etsy.
There were other wonderful presents, too–bubble bath, a new bathrobe, special spices, a crock pot that connects to another crock pot, for those 2014 dinner parties I fully intend to hold.  🙂  (I’ve already chosen one of the recipes–Smoked Oyster Spread.  Yum.)
But the most interesting and unusual gifts, I must admit, were three paintings–done by my grand-dog, Margie, one of the smartest Golden Retrievers ever.  I  definitely plan to hang them, too.  I like to fantasize, in fact, about some museum curator, far in the future, trying to puzzle out what artist had produced these marvelous works of art.  🙂  Maybe they’ll even be in the Louvre–who knows? 
Since Christmas, I’ve been working industriously on my new book, THE MARRIAGE PACT, set in the fictional town of Mustang Creek, Wyoming.
The final BIG SKY book, BIG SKY SECRETS will be available tomorrow, online and everywhere books are sold.
A new contest began today, too–all you need to do is comment.  Winners will be chosen at random, as always.  One winner will receive a copy of Danielle Laporte’s THE DESIRE MAPPING EXPERIENCE,  along with a signed copy of my new book.  A second winner will receive a copy of BIG SKY SECRETS, and a special surprise I brought home from the NFR in Las Vegas.
On other subjects, I’ve finally finished reading THE VALLEY OF AMAZEMENT, by Amy Tan.  I’ve since moved on to the audio production of ALMOST A MIRACLE, by John Ferling.  I really love books about history, and still hope to write about the American Civil War at some point in the future.
I continue to cook often with spaghetti squash–amazing stuff.  This week’s recipe was spiced up with powdered spaghetti sauce seasonings.  My next attempt will be tuna casserole.  🙂  I am nothing if not adventurous.  🙂
More tomorrow.

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Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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