Greetings from Sunny Spokane

Monday, Jul 30

Well, I’m still a bit under the weather, but so much better that I’ll be spending the day in Parable for sure.  🙂  One of my favorite places to be.  Tomorrow, “Big Sky Mountain”, Hutch and Kendra’s story, will be released!  I can hardly wait for you to meet the new characters and enjoy catching up with Slade and Joslyn, among others. 
Day 3 of the New York travelogue:
I had breakfast with my good friend, Leslee Borger, at Oscar’s, a restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel, the Waldorf.  We talked and talked, a couple of cowgirls delighted to see each other again. 
It was a shopping day–the whole bunch of us went to H&M and bought fun stuff.  After lunch, we had an amazing salad–one of those things where you pick your own ingredients and someone scoops them into a bowl for you.  Delicious. 
We really bonded with our hotel maids, Edith and Mona, who went to great lengths to look after us.
The adventure continued when, brace yourself, I lost my iPhone down the elevator shaft from the 13th floor.  No kidding.  I was getting out my room key as the door opened, my phone fell from my purse, glanced off my foot, and went straight through a crack at the far corner of the opening!  If I’d TRIED to make a shot like that, I couldn’t have done it, but there you go.  I tend to be tough on phones anyhow, but this was a new level of incompetence.  The device was never recovered, although the hotel people promised to search, and it would have been in pieces in any case, but I did want to pictures.  Alas.
Afternoon brought the most spectacular, amazing thunder and lightning storm–we watched in awe as the whole city lit up.  Looking down at the street below, the sea of unfurled umbrellas and yellow taxi roofs, set off by the gray pavement, made me want to paint the scene or describe it in a book. 
I think I was beginning to run down by then, and the family had been out seeing and doing, so we had room service dinners in my room–that was quite an event in itself, with six of us there, sitting on the edges of the beds.  The waiters had to bring in two tables to accommodate us all, after Wendy acted as our order-taker and called in the info–I kept the list in my art journal, and Jeremy took a picture, which will be added later.  (I had a turkey club sandwich.  🙂 )
I can’t speak for the rest of our outfit, but I slept like a rock that night, with the sounds of the storm for a lullaby.
So that was the day that was.
The day that IS, is shaping up to be lovely–perhaps a little cooler than the weekend.  I might even welcome a few clouds.
I’ll be writing about Boone and Tara and the rest of the Parable crew today–just what I love to do.
Be well, be safe, be kind.
You matter to me.

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