On Second Thought…

Tuesday, Jul 31

Remember how I was so eager to write yesterday?  Well, one little thing got in the way.  My cough, which I thought was caused by allergies and fatigue from the big trip, turned out to be bronchitis instead.  Yikes.  So now I’m on antibiotics and determined to write today.
The travelogue continues:
New York, Day four (July 19)
As you know from yesterday’s bulletin, my cell phone took a header down an elevator shaft at the Waldorf and was never recovered.  Meaning, of course, that Jeremy and I set out first thing the next morning to arrange for a new phone.  It’s crazy how dependent on the thing I turned out to be–though I seldom actually TALK into it, I use it all the time.  In New York, it was about the only way to keep track of six other people, for one thing.  So, anyway, the AT&T people fixed me up–the guy there told me that these phones are always getting lost or broken, but this was his first elevator shaft.  🙂
Since Grand Central Station is right down the street from the Waldorf, Wendy and Jeremy and I went there to check out some of the shops, etc.  We had the most brilliant, fabulous, noisy lunch at a place called the Oyster Bar.  The restaurant is one of several in the basement of the station, and probably because the building is so old, there is no air-conditioning.  So it was sweltering.  I had a rare treat–soft shell crabs–served on this lovely mixture of grits (of all things) flavored with garlic and a few other elements I couldn’t identify.  DELICIOUS.  (An aside: when we were kids and Mom got tired of us running in and out of the house, no doubt slamming the screen door each time, she’d say, “What do you think this is?  Grand Central Station?”)  Sally and I got some chuckles out of asking each other that during the trip.
I think I made it another early night on this day–there’s some rubber stamping in my art journal, along with an artist trading card, but nothing about going out on the town.  🙂
And today BIG SKY MOUNTAIN is in the stores!!!  Yes!!  I can hardly believe it.
More tomorrow.  (Unless, of course, I get hit by a meteor or come down with bubonic plague.)
Be kind to yourself and others.  In the long run, that’s all that really matters.

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