Hair Emergency Handled

Wednesday, Sep 15

As I’ve mentioned, this is a catch-up week for me. I’m doing a lot of things I put off while I was finishing the book. Yesterday, I wrote up a quite extensive outline for Book 2, “Creed’s Honor”, and sent it off to my beloved editor, and then headed for the hair salon.

Now, I’ve gotta tell you, I HATE anything that involves sitting in one chair for a couple of hours–and dental work and hair poofing are at the top of my list–(odd, considering that I earn my living on a computer, but that’s different, because I can get up and walk around, do something else for a few minutes, etc.) It’s a case of “This too shall pass”. When it’s (finally) over, I have healthy teeth or decent-looking hair to show for it. One doctor appointment to go–the other is being rescheduled because the surgeon has a conflict–and I can check off those items.

I guess this is my day to ramble. Did I ever mention that I LOVE lists as much as I HATE sitting still for long periods of time? 🙂 When I can check something off a to-do list, it gives me that gold-star feeling from grade school. Go figure.

I made a log book to keep track of my ATC trades–I belong to several different groups–and it’s very handy. Now, I’m thinking I need one for the new book…

I may end up organized after all.

Or not.

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