I may levitate 🙂

Tuesday, Dec 03

My giant, beautiful flourite sphere arrived from China yesterday, and I’m so excited.  The thing is HUGE.  This being my favorite member of the mineral family, the stone I call the spiritual super-conductor, I have big plans for using this one in meditation, etc.  (Levitation probably won’t be happening, especially if I’m holding the thing–it weighs in at a serious 4000 grams.)  I’m planning to keep this not-so-little powerhouse in my room, near my bed–most of the time.  I might move it around–to the office, say, or the living room–if the need arises.  As I’ve mentioned before, all stones have a ‘buzz’ for me when I touch them, and a few of them actually sing.  (Silently, so far. 🙂 ) Flourite definitely sings. 
Fortunately, the negativity-clearing effects of black obsidian seem to be subsiding a little.  While the stone is overwhelmingly positive in the long run, the short run can be like camping on the slopes of an active volcano.  🙂  There can be eruptions.  On the other hand, once the issue surfaces and is dealt with, it’s gone for good.  Experience is the best teacher when it comes to the use of gemstones, as in any other area of study, and obsidian should always be tempered with the kinder, gentler stones, like rose quartz, smokey quartz, and/or clear crystal. 
If you want to know more about crystals, etc., there is a lot of information on the web.  You might be better off, though, to visit a really good bead shop, as the proprietors are often very knowledgable.  Here in Spokane, we’re fortunate to have a store called Wonders of the World, in the Flour Mill, with a plenitude of beads just steps away, and the owner, Pam, is an expert.  Several of the Wonders employees are pretty sharp, too, and they can answer questions. 
Pam taught the gem class I took in early November, and I can’t wait to attend another one.  She maintains, and this is important, so listen up, that a large part of working with crystals is intuitive, so while it’s certainly good to know what this stone or that is generally used for (there are lots of good books on the subject), your individual interpretation means the most.  Although I still have mountains to learn, I’ve already found this to be true.
From gemstones to spaghetti squash–quite a transition.  🙂
I’m so pleased to see that many of you plan to try out my “recipe”–I don’t cook precisely once I understand the basic concept of a dish–instead, I toss in this and that.  I guess cooking is intuitive, too.
Somebody mentioned Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone–this is indeed a fabulous resource, with the most amazing variety of Weight Watchers-friendly foods ever. 
I also like the Weight Watchers scanner app–amazing.  You just hold the phone over the UPS code, and, presto, in most cases, you have the Points value!   I didn’t sign up for the app initially, because some of the reviews weren’t that great, but when daughter Wendy demonstrated with her phone, I became a believer.
Since I’m due in Mustang Creek, I’m out of here.
Look for ways to be kind.  You may be a miracle-worker without even knowing it.

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