What happened to quilting?

Thursday, Dec 05

Yesterday I received an email from a long, long-time friend and faithful blog-reader, asking what ever happened to all that quilting I was planning to do.  🙂  A reasonable question, actually–thanks, Jeanie Beanie– and the answer is: I’m still planning to quilt.  The creation I have in mind has a LOT of pieces, and even with my handy-dandy Accuquilt machine, it takes time to cut out enough of them to lay out the design.  Hobby-wise, it’s been all rocks, all the time around here, it’s true, though I still make a lot of artist trading cards in my free time, too. 
Plans for today include: writing a chapter of the new book, tossing a chuck roast into the oven, and keeping warm.  🙂  It’s been seriously cold lately, and getting colder.
I finished listening to “The Book Thief” last night–very good story, emotionally gripping and really original.  It might be one I have to buy in printed form, for my keeper shelf, though I’m 99 percent sure I won’t be going to the movie.   I’m allergic to violence, and while one can’t avoid it entirely, in a book, printed or audio, there’s a little buffer zone.   A movie, on the other hand, is in-your-face huge, with Dolby sound and Technicolor.
OK, yes–I know it’s just a movie.  I’ve been hearing that all my life.  But I happen to be an empath, and an oversensitive one at that.  I get involved, on every level and, for that hour and a half, the story onscreen is all too real to me.
When I go to the show, as we said back in the day, I want unbuttered popcorn and a pleasant experience.  (SAVING MR. BANKS looks promising.  I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.)  My question is, what ever happened to Doris Day and Rock Hudson/James Garner?  What ever happened to DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE?  SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON?  THE SHAGGY DOG?
Alas, they’re gone with the wind.
🙂 ( never promised not to make bad jokes.)
On another subject, yesterday was my Weight Watchers meeting–down 2.2 pounds, which is not bad for Thanksgiving week.  🙂  I enjoyed my holiday dinner and, of course, the leftovers, and did not once feel deprived.  I don’t see how I could ask for more–I love that I can have my glass of wine every afternoon, too.  Goal weight is still a long way off, but that’s okay, because I’m not planning on quitting the WW plan at any point in the future.  There’s no finish-line.  This is a sane, healthy way to eat, and since I travel a lot, I need the flexibility.  I’ve been tremendously inspired by several members of our particular group who’ve maintained their weight loss for a long time–a year in one case, three years in another.  Their advice?  Stay accountable by weighing in, show up for the meetings, ideally on a weekly basis.
Sounds good to me.  🙂 
The Christmas tree is up, but not fully decorated.  It’s the artificial variety, with the lights already wired in–I grew up with fresh trees, and I love the way they smell, but since I read a book called THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE (your fault, Robyn Carr, because if you recommend a book, I read it), I can’t bear to have the real thing.
Like I said, I’m oversensitive.
It’s part of the package.

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