I’ve been swamped…

Wednesday, Mar 26

Bless your hearts.   I’m so sorry some of you were worried about me.
I’m fine–I just ran out of day before I ran out of things to do.  🙂
I’ve finally got a handle on the opening of CHRISTMAS IN MUSTANG CREEK–phew!  The first chapter is always a little more difficult than the ones to follow, I guess because I’m getting everybody on stage at the right time. 
I’m up later than usual tonight–I’m waiting for angels.  No, really.  I am.  🙂
Here’s why: my good friend Joan sent me an interesting email, asking if I’d like to be visited by five angels for five days.  Well, heck, that was a no-brainer–sure I would.  What’s involved?  Well, I was instructed to set up a small table somewhere, with an apple, a flameless candle, a white flower (I used a lovely yellow daffodil instead) and a letter welcoming the angels and outlining three wishes–one for the planet, one for my family, and one for myself.  I sealed the letter and placed it on the table, which is in front of my office window.  There’s one more step–at 10:30 on the dot, I will open my front door, candle lit and in hand, and welcome my guests.  After five days, I will burn the letter and eat the apple.  I’ll be sending the same invitation Joan sent me to three of my friends.  (I suppose this qualifies as a chain letter, and I don’t do those, but Joan is one smart lady and the idea intrigues me.) 
I’ll be sure to report on the whole experiment, and if any of you would like the instructions for your own angel visit, let me know, and I’ll see that you get them.
Tomorrow is Weight Watchers day, and I’ll bring you up to speed on that, too.
In the meantime, keep commenting.  You may be one of this week’s winners.

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