Ladies Who Lunch and Do Other Stuff, Too

Thursday, Nov 14

Yesterday was my Weight Watchers meeting–one of those nonspectacular weeks this time–.8 pounds.  (Note the decimal!)  Afterward, I paid a visit to Trader Joe’s, which is near our meeting place, to stock up on some WW-friendly food.  Next, Wendy, Jen and I had lunch at a place called Hogan’s–I was craving a BLT, so I had one (10 points, since I left off the mayo) and a cup of tomato soup.  You’ve got to love a program that allows you so much variety–or, at least, I do.  🙂 I’m skimping on points today because I had the other half of my enchilada-beans-and-rice dish from the Mexican place where I met with some family Tuesday.  Fortunately, this is doable, thanks to Progresso soups and the soy chicken I’m making for supper.  It’s an easy dish–you just toss together a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts, a cup or so of soy sauce, half a cup of water, a slosh of lemon juice, poultry seasoning–and I like to add oregano and parsley.  (OOPS! LEFT OUT TWO IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS!  GARLIC AND ONION, TO TASTE–I USE THE FLAKED KIND).  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes–until the meat is done, anyway–and serve.  It’s excellent with rice, but I’ll be skipping that due to my high-point breakfast.  I’ll whip up a salad–I like Walden’s Calorie Free Ranch and Bacon dressing–and presto, I’m in business.  Now that most fruit is point-free, it’s a lot easier to stay on track.
On another subject, I listened to a Mary Roberts Rinehart mystery, “The Yellow Room”, over the last two nights.  I’ll bet some of you old-timers, like moi, remember this author–you younger ones probably won’t.  The book was set during the Second World War, on the homefront, and even though certain factors date the novel–people smoke, all the time, everywhere, drink ‘pre-lunch’ cocktails, and use terms that would SO not be P.C. in this day and age–I found it so fascinating that I’ve downloaded a couple more of Rinehart’s lively tales.  That woman sure could juggle clues, that’s for sure.  I thought I knew who done it, and boy, was I surprised.  🙂
This blast-from-the-past got me thinking about other favorites–Dorothy Eden, Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney, and Naomi Hintz, to name just a few.  I used to borrow their books from the library and devour them.  There was always a waiting list for Ms. Whitney’s new releases, especially, and it was a happy day when someone from the library called to say it was my turn.  🙂  I also loved Janice Holt Giles and Taylor Caldwell–back then, I hadn’t discovered my all-time favorite, Dorothy Dunnett.  Elisabeth Ogilvie’s books, all set in Maine and usually involving the lobster business, were a treasure–especially “Waters on a Starry Night.”  Since most of my friends were in the same leaky financial boat, being young, stay-at-home moms, we’d pass the word when we enjoyed a particular story or author, and that made for some very eclectic reading experiences.
What would we ever do without libraries????
“The Valley of Amazement”, by Amy Tan, is still on my bedside table.  I’m about halfway through it.  Like the last Sue Grafton book, I’m in no hurry to finish.  It took Ms. Tan eight years to write this one.  Let’s hope the next one won’t take so long!
The skies are overcast today, which only makes my well-lit office seem even more cozy than usual.  Bernice is here, snoozing away in her fancy new bed–she loves it when Mom settles down somewhere and stays put–not always the case, alas, with my raging ADD.  The meds help, of course, but some days, it’s still a battle.
I’m writing, and later I’ll be doing some art work, if I still have the energy.  🙂 
Be blessed.

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