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Saturday, Nov 16

I’m up early today, to get a jumpstart on my writing.  Neecie (one of Bernice’s many nicknames) is beside me in her office  bed, getting a jumpstart on sleeping.  🙂
I was supposed to announce last week’s winners yesterday, but alas, it didn’t happen–so here they are:
Wendy Mathews and Diane Sallans, you’ll be receiving your prizes soon.  Congratulations!
Well, we’ve run out of Sister Pam’s beautiful jewelry, but hang in there.  We have surprises in mind–and don’t forget the Amazon and Barnes and Noble gift cards I’ll be offering between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
How would you feel about artist trading cards, moi originals, as prizes, along with the signed books, of course?  Let me know.  🙂
Thanks too for the reminders of other authors I loved, especially Victoria Holt.  I remember a book–couldn’t tell you the title–in which the hero and heroine hid on the beach overnight, under an overturned boat.  Nothing happened, and yet it was one of the most sensual scenes ever–right up there with Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett up the stairs.  (Sizzle.) 
Does anybody remember Faith Baldwin?
My favorite Taylor Caldwell book was DEFINITELY “Testimony of Two Men.”  I also loved the TV mini-series, starring David Birney–wow, it was great, and he was one sexy doctor, let me tell you.  I was madly in love with that character for YEARS.  (I have realized it’s the character I fall in love with–Brad Pitt as Tristan in “Legends of the Fall”, Michael Landon–of course, as Little Joe, Jimmy Stewart in every part he ever played, ditto Cary Grant.
My favorite time-travel book: “The Mirror”, by Marlyss Milheiser.  (Well worth looking for on ebay or Amazon, though it’s been out of print for a long time.  This one kept me up all one night, and I was afraid to look in any mirrors.)   🙂
When I was very (very) young, I enjoyed the Bobbsey Twins and LOVED Trixie Belden.  Like Nancy Drew, Trixie was a gutsy chick–just younger, that’s all, and she had herself some real adventures.  I never got into the Hardy Boys or Cherry Ames, Student Nurse (may be misspelled), but I knew plenty of people who did.
Our favorite books and movies say a lot about us as people, I think, and what we value.
In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, for instance, we’re reminded that, even with problems, life is something to be grateful for, and, furthermore, we’re supposed to be exactly who we are.  There is definitely a Larger Plan, and every last one of us plays a valuable part, whether we know it or not. 
In “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”–I seem to be on a Jimmy Stewart kick here–we see integrity and courage in action.  (Oh, that real senators and representatives were more like Mr. Smith  Just imagine if they actually did their jobs.  Bet their paychecks didn’t stop with the recent shutdown.)
OK, I’m ranting now, but I have to paraphrase Will Rodgers as I step down off my soap box: When you and I make a joke, it’s a joke.  When Congress makes a joke, it’s a law.
Enjoy your weekend, and come back on Monday, when a new contest begins! 

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