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Thursday, Apr 03

Okay, the news at Weight Watchers was good again yesterday–down 1.2.  I have lost, since last October, just over 35 pounds.  And all without suffering or feeling deprived.  My only regret?  That I didn’t join sooner.  Or, better yet, simply stick around in the first place.
Of course I knew all along that WW was the plan that worked for me–I resisted going back for a long time.  I’m not proud of it, but I believe I was looking for the classic easier, softer way.  The turning point came when, seriously considering bariatric surgery, I attended a seminar at a large local hospital.  At first, while the surgeon was speaking, I was sold, ready to sign on the dotted line and go the distance.  Then, thank heaven, it was the nutritionist’s turn at the podium.  When she started listing all the possible complications, some of which are really drastic, well, let me tell  you, I knew for sure that this was no easy solution.  It definitely wasn’t for me.
In my head, I heard my late dad say, clear as could be,  “You know what to do, Sis, so just do it.”  And I did know.  Weight Watchers, much as I didn’t want to face going back (again) in defeat (again), was going to be WAY easier than a gastric bypass, or a sleeve, or a lap-band. 
Don’t get me wrong, though.  I’m not against weight loss surgery.  For many people, it’s a lifesaver.  We’re not talking vanity, here–these folks, after all, are not worrying about how their jeans fit–they’re trying to survive.   

Why didn’t I blog yesterday?  Well, I intended to–you know what they say about good intentions and the road to hell–but by the time I’d gone to the WW meeting, picked up a few art supplies at JoAnn’s, gone to lunch with Jenni and Wendy, and paid a brief visit to Wonders of the World, an excellent source of gemstones and crystals (as if I needed more), I was sorely in need of a nap.  Such are Wednesdays, methinks.  Around here, we refer to them as Mental Health Days.
What I’m reading: GROWING UP PSYCHIC, by Michael Bodine (younger brother of well known psychic, Echo Bodine).  This is a great book and, moreover, it’s not only well written, it’s funny.  I love this guy’s wit–he described one person as being “a few fries short of a Happy Meal.”  Love it. 
 I’m also planning to finish the new Harlan Coben yarn, MISSING YOU, which has been languishing on my bedside table for a week or longer.  Just wanted to savor it a while.  🙂  This guy is one of the best suspense writers in the business, for my money.
What I’m listening to: CIRCLE OF WIVES, by Alice LaPlante, a novel about a dead bigamist and the surprised (make that shocked) spouses he leaves behind.  The story is fresh and unique and I’m enjoying it a lot.  Was the serial-husband murdered?  Probably.  Time, and more listening, will tell.
What I’m writing: THE MARRIAGE CHARM.  🙂  This week, I’ve been plotting the story.
I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend.  Already.  How does this happen?  🙂
Be well.

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