Monday and Me

Monday, May 16

Monday is normally one of my favorite days.  Today, I don’t feel quite ready for it—:).  I had so much fun goofing off over the weekend that I’m a little tuckered out. 

I went to Costco on Saturday morning, early.  (Yes, yes, I know–Costco on Saturday morning–whose bright idea was that????  But I work on weekdays, after all.)  Among other things, I bought my friend Debbie Macomber’s new book, “A Turn in the Road”, the usual huge packages of fish and meat, vitamins and soap, etc.  Did I mention that I love Costco, even though it wears me out? 

After I’d loaded my stuff into the back of my truck, I headed for another favorite hangout, Spokane Art Supply.  Thanks to Mary Jo McGraw, an art-stamp enthusiast with DVDs, books and appearances on “The Carol Duval Show” to her credit, there is plenty of amazingly cool stuff for making artist trading cards and similar hobbies.  I’m happy to say I’ve signed up for Teesha Moore’s visual journaling class–I was so disappointed to miss her legendary “Artfest” this April–and I can hardly wait.  Teesha’s designs are merely fabulous. 

This morning, I put down a deposit for an art workshop in France, in September of 2012, with Lynne Perrella and Lisa Renner.  Think ahead, that’s my motto.

I just learned that “Creed’s Honor” will be the Book of the Month at K-Mart during June.  I’m tickled pink by that news, and while I’m at BEA this month (Book Expo America), I’ll be filming an interview for the Rhapsody Book Club, which will eventually be shown on their websites.  That’s a thrill, too.

Sadie-beagle is snoring away–I love how that dog gets me up at daybreak to make a trip to the backyard, then promptly goes back to sleep, leaving me awake for the duration.  As my friends often point out, the Beag has me well trained.  🙂

It’s raining here today.  Big surprise.

That’s the latest from my kitchen table.

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