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Wednesday, Aug 01

Suffice it to say, the bronchitis is peaking.  Anything more would be Too Much Information.  🙂
I love reading your comments–the second Sadie dedication was an accident, so I went ahead and dedicated the third book in the series to her as well.  I asked her to send me another dog just like her, when the time is right.  I’m sorry reading it made you cry on the bus, though–bless your heart.  I do miss my Sadie-beagle a lot, but I also have hundreds of happy memories to bring a smile or a chuckle. 
Somebody mentioned a place to get great clam chowder in New York–I LOVE clam chowder–you can’t just leave me hanging like that! 🙂  What’s the name of the restaurant and where is it????  As for the grits, well, I’m going to be looking up some recipes.  Look out, I might start cooking again. 
Another person asked if I ride my horses.  April and Traveler are ridable, the others are pesky pets.  (The kind of horse my dad would pat affectionately, grin and call a Knothead.)  Since I broke my wrist a couple of years ago, I’ve been skittish about falling.  I miss riding, though, and want to get back to it.
And now for the travelogue:
New York, July 20, Day 5
Mainly a shopping day.  Looking back, I wish I’d gone to a museum.  🙂  Instead, Wendy and I hit Sephora and then several of us got together to buy souvenir t-shirts, etc.  I suspect I was already coming down with this bug, but didn’t guess it. 
Niece Kelly arrived from Washington (D.C.) and she and Jeremy and Wendy and I had lunch at Grand Central again–this time at a very loud but fun place called Two Boots.  The walls were painted with lively folk art–Jeremy and I were both intrigued. 
That evening, all the “youngsters” headed out to a campy nightclub called Lucky Chang’s.  For a variety of reasons, this was not Sister Sal’s or my idea of a good time, so we stayed behind and enjoyed a very quiet room service dinner in my room before she went back to hers, just down the hall, and we both called it a night.  The crew got home at something like three a.m., laughing, probably somewhat tipsy, and exhausted.  The next day they regaled Sally and me with cell phone pictures and wild stories that only confirmed our decision the night before–Lucky Chang’s is not for a couple of old fogey sisters like us, beginning to dress alike.  🙂  
The main object of the trip was to re-connect the grown-up girl cousins, and it was a joy to see them having fun together.
So that’s day five.  Day six?  Brooklyn.  🙂
Tune in again tomorrow.

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