Tuesday, Apr 13

I’m in the process of updating one of my early books, “Willow”, and I must say, it’s a lot of fun. It’s also a challenge.

Sadie and Bernice both had veterinary appointments today, with our beloved Dr. Bauer. Bernice has a respiratory infection; makes a scary wheezing sound when she breathes. Sadie is on thyroid medicine, and this requires periodic blood tests. Jen and Mary Ann squired the girls to the doc’s office and back–Bernicie had a shot and will be on antibiotics for a while.

On a completely different subject, why is it that when you replace one major appliance, all the others start to break down? First, it was the washer, then the fridge. Then the microwave. And now it’s the dishwasher! Since the stove-top and oven are still standing, I wonder if I should just save time and aggravation and replace them, too?


When I’m not writing or making ATCs, I’m reading or listening to books on my iPod. The latest listen was “Dead End Gene Pool”, by Wendy Burden, a descendent of the Vanderbilts. I love a good memoir, and this one was fascinating, but it made me feel sad, too. A whole host of problems come along with that kind of money.

I listen to a number of podcasts regularly, too. It’s almost like traveling back in time, to the heyday of radio, listening to “Our Miss Brooks” and “The Great Gildersleeve”. I think it’s so great that these crackly old productions are being preserved. In many ways, I like radio more than television–radio stories require imagination. It’s almost like participating in the drama or the comedy or whatever.

Tonight, I’ll be tuning in to “Caught”, by Harlen Coben. He’s a favorite.

And that’s the state of things.

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