Wednesday, Apr 14

It turns out I have a fan club on Facebook! There are over a thousand members, which blows me away. I’ll be stopping by there on a fairly regular basis to answer questions, etc.

Me, the kid from Northport, with a fan club?

This life constantly amazes me. 🙂

I’m off to Phoenix for their Desert Dreams conference this weekend, leaving Friday morning. I absolutely can’t wait to see all my AZ friends again–I don’t get to stay very long, but I plan to make the most of every minute. I will definitely post at least one picture when I get back home.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m finishing up the updates on “Willow”, expecting to complete them tomorrow. It’s fun to read one of my oldest books, but I’ve had over 25 years of experience and practice since I wrote that story, and I’m a little embarrassed by how many sentences end with an !!!!!!! “Willow” is written VERY sparely, so I’m mainly just fleshing it out a little. And, on the other hand, I’m pleased to see how good it actually is.

The next project will be the beginning of a new trilogy, “A Creed in Stone Creek”, featuring Steven Creed, a cousin to Logan, Dylan and Tyler, and Melissa O’Ballivan, whom you’ve met in previous books published as Special Editions, among them last year’s “At Home in Stone Creek”. Steven and Melissa’s book will be full-length, and followed by “Creed’s Honor” and “Creed’s Legacy”, featuring Steven’s young cousins, Connor and Brody, who happen to be identical twins. !!!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

See you tomorrow.

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