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Saturday, Mar 01

Winners for this week’s contest: Brianna Potts and Shelly.  Congratulations, ladies!
You’re not Brianna or Shelly?  Never fear.  A new contest begins on Monday, with more great prizes.  As always, all you need to do to enter is comment.
Update: I’m pretty much over the flu, AND I finished the book yesterday morning.  A few tweaks and we’re in business.
Special plans for tonight: my cousin, Sherri Sly, does stand-up comedy, and I’m going to her show for the very first time.  I can hardly wait!
Wow, the wind was really blowing last night–at times, I thought it might take the roof right off the house.  The pets cuddled extra-close, and I slept the whole night with a chunk of labradorite in one hand and carnelian in the other.  If ever there was a time to stay grounded, it was last night.  🙂  Fortunately, I was too tired to worry, and I have too much faith to be scared.
Today, I’ve been painting paper, mostly.  Doing some rubber stamping, too.  Bernicie and I took a drive earlier to pick up yesterday’s mail.  She sits in my lap when we go on these adventures, so she can see out the window.  Since the roads were dry, we went on for a little swing around the neighborhood–it does not take much to make a Yorkie happy.  🙂  The minute she saw me putting on socks and shoes–I wear Orthaheel slippers in the house–she started to bark with excitement. 
I’ve been getting a lot of requests for websites about gemstones and crystals–I don’t use those very often, but I can recommend books.  My favorites are: THE BOOK OF STONES, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, with contributions by Hazel Raven and THE CRYSTAL BIBLE, by Judy Hall.  Note that there are, at this writing, 3 volumes of the latter.  That’s the news for today, my friends–stay warm!

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