Snowing for real

Tuesday, Nov 05

Okay, so much for skiffs and flurries–it’s snowing in earnest this morning.  🙂  It’s gorgeous, but, then, I don’t have to commute, so my opinion may not be in the majority.  I’m hoping the roads will be clear enough by this afternoon so I can attend my first EMDR* session, but we shall see.  That, as my mom would say, is life in the great Northwest.
LAST WEEK’S winners (bet you thought I’d forgotten, and I did, actually, but Jenni remembered), who would have been chosen and notified while I was in Northport, are Gloria Bare and Amy.  Congratulations, ladies–your prizes are on their way.
Did I ever mention the gemstone class I’d signed up for?  The first one had to be postponed, and little wonder, because the teacher was hit by a car, is all.  Fortunately, Pam (not my sister, Pam) is all right, except for a few bumps and bruises, and the beginner’s class was held last night.  I tried hard to talk myself out of going–and I’m oh-so-glad I didn’t succeed!  Gemstones have opened a whole new world for me–the colors, the symbolism, the alleged healing properties.  I’m not much for New Age ideas, unless they’re in a Nora Roberts novel.  🙂  (I’m into “Dark Witch” as of this writing.)  However, I do believe that everything in the universe is 1) made up of the same basic material and, 2) vibrating with the energy of that material.  The folks on the Science Channel have another name for the phenomenon–quantum physics.
Anyway, I’m definitely intrigued.  I’m something of an energy-healer, and the truth is, I can feel the vibrations of most stones by holding them in my hand.  I know they’re doing something.  But is the actual power in the stone itself?  I don’t think so.  No, the real magic is in the individual mind-heart–the stone merely focuses that power.  This would explain while a gemstone might have one meaning for me and quite another for you, and both would be ‘right’.  As I write this, I’m wearing a Labradorite–a lovely stone said to be magic.  To me, it means taking back my power–not from another person or anything like that–but to consciously take charge and avoid frittering away my energy on things that really don’t matter.  And if that isn’t magic, my friends, what is?
The horses have been going in at night for a few days now, staying snug and warm in their stalls, but come morning, when the Canadian Wrangler shows up, they’re ready for room service.  🙂  Soon after, they’re turned out into the pasture, and do they ever love that.  The snow doesn’t bother them, but Bernicie and the kit-kats are nonplussed, I can tell you.  You can almost hear them thinking, What the heck…?! 🙂 
On a sad note, Wendy and Jeremy had to put their cat, Claudia, down yesterday.  She was old–17 or 18, I think–and she’d given all the love and warmth she had, without reservation.  Isn’t that the wonder of animals?  They love unconditionally, and without ceasing. 
Seems to me, we could learn a thing or two from them.
*Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

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