Thank God for the Geek Squad!

Tuesday, Sep 08

I have been plagued by computer problems for so long now that I seriously considered holding a drum ceremony and lighting sage-bundles to expel evil cyber-spirits. I was sure the place had to be haunted.

Alas, the Geek Squad guy came on Sunday (yes, Sunday), and banished all the boogey-men. I can post to this blog, get my email and tweet with ease! Hallelujah.

I’m into “Garrett”, big time, the second book in my Texas McKettrick series.

Over the long weekend, I made another batch of Boeuf Bourgingnon (sp?) and it was SO delicious. I froze most of it for later consumption and enjoyment. My bread experiment, as I may have mentioned, wasn’t great–the loaves tasted okay, but didn’t really rise they way they should have. It turned out that, as with so many things I do, I tried too hard. 🙂 Remembering when I last made bread (am embarrassingly long time ago), it came to me that I had used a much simpler recipe. So I bought myself a Betty Crocker Cookbook, like the one I had as a young bride, and sure enough–easy, simple bread recipes. Needless to say, I plan on trying again soon. I’m also planning on trying some special sauces for fish–I love fish, and it’s healthy, but let’s face it–it’s pretty bland without something to dress it up. My nephew, Mike, and niece-in-law, Sara, do marvelous things with tuna, soy sauce and a touch of brown sugar.

I also painted over the weekend–my big 30X30 painting is coming along well. I added green Gallery Glass to the headdress, and it looks great if I do say so myself. I painted a few backgrounds, too. At some point, I will probably put the above-mentioned picture up on my Twitter page.

And now, back to doing what I love best: writing.

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