Today’s Sunrise

Wednesday, Sep 09

Is a beauty! You can get a look at it on my Twitter page.

There is a definite feel of autumn in the air, even though we’re in line for more hot weather. There are more tomatoes and green peppers in my deck garden than I can rightly use, and we still have plenty of bees buzzing around, that’s for sure. (I’ve heard bees are endangered. Not to worry. They are all congregated on the Triple L, outside Spokane, WA.) I have raised exactly one eggplant, small but perfect. The zuchinnis, on the other hand, are spooky, the way they grow. One day, they are four inches long, the next day, I swear, they’re HUGE. Next year, I’ll use compost and all that experience has taught me this year. 🙂

Still thinking about that next recipe to try. The bread doesn’t count, because that’s something I’ve made before. Never made lasagna, though…

Our county fair is this coming weekend. I might just have to attend–or not.

Here is the great thing about being me. I have a lot of responsibility, yes, but I also have a lot of freedom. 🙂

More tomorrow.

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