The Breakfast Club (and this week’s winners)

Tuesday, Jan 20

Congratulations Pamela Edwards and Mary Ann Fuhs!  As always, there’s a new contest under way this minute, so if you didn’t win, no worries.  Just comment and you’re entered for next week’s round–names will be announced this coming Monday.
The members of the Breakfast Club are an eclectic crowd–some of them are deer, and some are wild turkeys.  🙂  I’ve taken to feeding them, since it’s a cold and hungry winter world out there, and food can be darned hard to find.  They show up together or separately, and seem to get along just fine, either way. Bernice, my ancient-of-days Yorkie, raised hell at first, barking her brains out.  (“Mom!  Mom!  Come quick, we’re being invaded!”)  The turkeys tend to buy into the vicious guard-dog act (all 14 years and 13 pounds of her), while the deer lift their heads, decide she’s harmless, and calmly go back to munching their grub.  For a while, this blase attitude really got to Bernice, but now she’s mellowed out a bit and usually just watches the goings on from the back deck, head cocked, ears perked.  It’s a hoot.
Remind me to tell you about my Wishing Machine.  🙂
How’s that for a cliffhanger?

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