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Friday, Feb 08

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there’s another week under our belts, so to speak.   The book is nearly finished, I’ve been riding my exercise bike faithfully (thank heaven for the cushy new bike seat that makes the process a lot more comfortable), and doing a very easy strengthening routine, as well as following my food plan.  The bio-identical hormones are definitely kicking in, too–I have more energy with every passing day–I’m sure that’s due in large part to the exercise and healthy meals, but the prevailing wisdom is that weight loss is virtually IMPOSSIBLE if a person’s hormones are out of balance.  Anyway, far be it from me to look a ‘gift hormone’ in the mouth.  🙂
What has been the most difficult thing about reconditioning myself to eat in a better way?  Well, the plan calls for 12 eight-ounce glasses of water every single day, and that took some fortitude.  Like most people, I went around deydrated most of the time, making do with coffee, tea or diet cola.  It helps to remember that they hospitalize people for dehydration–it’s a dangerous condition.  Not only that, but it makes one tired and weak and, since the body basically runs on water, all kinds of important processes and systems are counting on an ample supply just to function at all.
I’ve gotten beyond the survival mentality–I prefer to THRIVE.  While I’m here on this lovely troubled planet, I want to be on stage, not in the wings or the dressing room or, worse yet, the alley out back of the theater.  🙂
As for this week’s question, well, it probably won’t come as any surprise to most of you that the person I’d most want to meet, hands down, is Jesus.  I mean, technically, I HAVE met Him, but I’m talking in person, in the flesh.  I would love to sit on the mountain side with that crowd, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and just listening to Him, or join in the fun at the wedding in Cana, where He switched out the water for wine.  🙂  Or be with Him in that house, when the men lowered their crippled friend through a hole in the roof to be healed…or when He walked on water…not so much because of the miracles He performed, but because of the miracle He WAS–and is.  That kind of charisma would be a fascinating thing to see and bask in.
That said, limiting myself to one name is difficult–there are other people I would definitely add to the list, of course–notably, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Winston Churchill, for their intelligence, courage, fortitude, and amazing stamina.  (Washington, unlike Lincoln and Churchill, was no great intellectual light, but he was one heck of a leader and he knew how to hang in there no matter how tough things got.  If he’d given up at any point in time, we’d still be a batch of colonies.)  All are men I deeply admire, obviously.  But there are others I’m simply curious about, like Marie Antoinette (poor baby, far from home and sadly misunderstood, since she didn’t know how to be anybody but herself), Abigail Adams (talk about smart), Laura Ingalls Wilder (just to shake her hand and thank her for those wonderful stories), Cleopatra (did she really wear all that slanty eyeliner, and what was the big attraction, anyhow?  History says she was no looker.)Of course as soon as I close this blog entry, I’ll think of about eighty-five more folks I’d like to meet.
Well, enough speculation, at least for now.  I’m off to Parable, where my “Big Sky Wedding” people are waiting none too patiently to tell another chapter of their story.  🙂
My wish for you: have a nice weekend.  Get some rest, take a walk, just breathe.  Do something nice for yourself, and for someone else.
May God hold you and yours safely in the warm Grace of His Heart.

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