The view from Wednesday morning….

Wednesday, Feb 19

The day ahead looks pretty promising, actually.  🙂  I will be missing Weight Watchers this week, though I’m sticking to the program for sure.  I’m so close to finishing the book I’ve begun to refer to as “The Never-ending Story” that I just can’t leave my office.
Yesterday, I saw my doctor–routine, there isn’t much that can be done about this bug–and Jen and I had dinner with a very good friend, Renee Kinsey–Renee is a flight attendant, and her route took her through Spokane, so we met her at her hotel and had a good visit.  She’ll be passing through again in the near future, I’m delighted to say.  Since I don’t live far from the airport, I hope she’ll occupy one of my newly renovated guest rooms.  🙂  Since I’m always imposing my medicinal jewelry on friends and family, I presented Renee with a lovely Labradorite–keywords, protection and personal magic.
The weather yesterday was rainy–but most of us agreed that rain beats snow, hands down.  Is it spring yet????
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before–my happy light stopped working.  Man, was I bummed, because it really helped keep SAD at bay.  I bought a replacement, however, and it works very well, plus it’s more compact.  The first company is taking the broken unit back, so that’s good.  Lots of paperwork involved with the project.
On the gemstone front, I received some sterling silver ring and pendant settings (eBay) last night, along with a special tool for closing the prongs that hold the stone in place.  I couldn’t resist playing jeweler–I had a few stones waiting to be set–and as I write this, I’m wearing a lovely citrine on my left hand.  On my right (I didn’t set this one myself), I’m sporting a lovely ametrine, which is a cross between a citrine and an amethyst.  Both are purported to be helpful when one is finishing a major project.  🙂  I’ll be giving away one of my pendants each week–starting last week–colorful dolomite cabochons dyed to look like jade.  Now, at first, I wasn’t too wild about the idea of faux jade, but as it happens, dolomite has a real buzz of energy when I hold it.  I’ll tell you a little more about dolomite soon—if you are absolutely overwhelmed with curiosity :), you can Google this major-mineral and get the low-down.
I’m listening to another of the Great Courses on my iPod every night–this one is The Lives and Works of the English Romantic Poets.  Very interesting–Lord Byron was even more of a bad-boy than I thought.  Listening makes me want to read some of the poetry–Keats, Coleridge, Shelley, etc.  Talented people, these poets, but weird, too–and very competitive with each other. 
I love the Great Courses and have several more in my que to listen to in the near future.  I really enjoyed “Jesus and the Gospels” and “The Lost Civilizations of South America.”  Obviously, I enjoy variety.  🙂  I plan to learn about the major religions, mysticism, nutrition, Robert E. Lee and his generals, too.  No doubt, I’ll take in a few novels among the lectures, just for a change of pace.  I’ve downloaded “The Winter People”, by Jennifer McMahon and a real classic self-help book, “Wake Up and Live”, by Dorothea Brande–read this one years ago, and it was amazingly helpful, so I decided I could use a refresher course.
That’s the news from the Triple L, my friends.  I’m feeling a tad bit better every day–thanks for your prayers and kind words.

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