This Time Together

Thursday, Apr 15

I just listened to Carol Burnett’s new book, “This Time Together”, on my iPod. I’ve always been a fan, but listening to this latest memoir increased my admiration for this amazing woman even more.

I laughed out loud at several points–I still chuckle, all these years later, whenever I think of that scene from “Went With the Wind”, when Carol came downstairs wearing the green drapes, with the curtain rod still in them. Brilliant! Harvey Korman and Tim Conway broke me–and each other–up with every new routine.

At times, Carol’s stories made me cry. And, as with every book–it’s one of the many reasons books are SO worth our time and energy–I learned something.

As many of you probably know, Carol’s daughter, Carrie, passed away at a young age. She’d already done some big-time overcoming, this talented gal, and then she was hit with a terminal case of cancer. Friends, family and the hospital staff were all amazed by Ms. Hamilton’s cheerful smiles and good humor. When they asked her how she could manage, in the face of so much pain and her own imminent death, and she replied thusly:


Good advice for all of us, methinks.

And, by the way, though the trademark phrase heading up this blog belongs strictly to Carol Burnett, I’d like to say that I feel the same way about all of you.

I’m so glad we’re riding the same trail.

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