True Grit

Tuesday, Jan 25

This fantastic remake of the John Wayne classic is up for Best Picture, Best Actor (yes! Jeff Bridges was amazing in the role of Rooster Coburn!) and Best Supporting Actress–and, for all I know, it’s a contender in other categories, too. It’s no secret–I sat down to watch this movie expecting to be disappointed–I mean, I LOVED the Duke’s version–but instead, I was blown away. They got it so right!

I guess it’s my day to talk about movies. I still want to see “Black Swan”, “Rabbithole” and “The King’s Speech”, but I probably won’t head to the theater. These days, I’m much more inclined to wait for the iTunes version and download it to watch at my leisure. Even as we speak, “Red”, starring Bruce Willis, is feeding into this laptop. I may not watch it for weeks, but when I’m ready, it will be there, waiting.

Gotta love it.

The book is flowing, mostly because I’m finally getting to the other side of this wretched cold. It’s been a long old pull.

Well, it’s back to work for me.


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