Wednesday, Jan 26

The cold is almost gone, the book is rolling, and I’ve made some cool ATCs. Did you watch the video? 🙂

It’s all good!!

Had a lovely note from my friend Debbie Macomber, wintering in Florida–it’s always great to hear from my buddies. Macomber (she calls me Miller) and I go way, way back. We spent many a productive hour walking around and around the high school track, discussing plots and wondering if we’d ever make it in the business. 🙂

Gotta love it.

I downloaded “Red” yesterday, as I mentioned, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching it. (I do love Bruce Willis action movies. Go figure, because I avoid violence in books and movies like the plague.) I’m set on finishing “The Creed Legacy” and diving into “A Lawman’s Christmas”, a story about one of the early Texas McKettricks. Clay is Jeb and Chloe’s youngest son, and out to prove himself. You are going to love Clay McKettrick.

Back to the art for a moment–I’ve been experimenting with using fabric for backgrounds, and I really love the look. I received the ‘bitumen’ I ordered and now I have to check with my local art supply store–Gary’s process calls for ‘white spirits’–he’s very British–and I need to know if that’s turpentine in Americanese, or if it’s mineral spirits. 🙂 My friend Mary Jo McGraw, who teaches classes at Spokane Art Supply, will definitely know the difference.

It’s amazing what one can accomplish if they’re not afraid of looking stupid.

🙂 Obviously, that’s never been one of my big concerns.

And that’s the news from my semi-cluttered kitchen table.

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