Up-to-the-Minute Sadie Report

Friday, Oct 12

Mary Ann and I just got back from picking Sadie up at the surgery center. She has a big purple polka dot bandage on her leg, and her fur was shaved to the hip, but she’s fine. Her ligament was repaired, and in a few weeks, she’ll be as good as new. She was so happy to see us there in the waiting room, but by all reports, she made a lot of new friends. (Sadie makes friends wherever she goes.) She’s downstairs now, drugged up and snoozing on her bed.

We’ve made a real committment around here to getting her weight down. As I said yesterday, when you see those tiny little bones in the x-ray, you know they can’t carry around so much dog without a lot of strain.

Bernadette is feeling better–thanks for all your prayers. Sadie benefited, too, and I know little Molly got the prayer-whammy she needed. As soon as I get any news about this sweet baby, I’ll share it with you.

Thank you. It’s good to know you’re out there.

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