Update from the Triple L

Friday, Oct 31

Prayers are needed for my brother-in-law’s mom, Betty Lang.  She’s a brave lady, and she’s mighty ill right now.
On a (much) more mundane note, my weight was down 1.6 pounds this week–a relief after all this time stuck in neutral.  I continue to exercise and eat the Weight Watchers way–up to an hour on my bike, five to six days a week, and I actually look forward to it!  (Go figure.)
I planted kale and Swiss chard in the outdoor planters the other day–I have become a kale fanatic and, like my mama, I have always loved Swiss chard.  I’m hoping to get my tomatoes in earlier next spring than this year–since there will be a lot more, barring blight, etc., I intend to preserve a lot of them.  Again, like my mama, I love canned tomatoes with macaroni.  Now that I’ve discovered quinoa pasta, I have this favorite often.
I’ve been babysitting my grand-cat, D.C. Cooper–aka Coop–for the past few days while Wendy and Jeremy visited Wendy’s dad in Montana.  Coop is a character; gave her free run of the house this time around, since Bernice and Jitterbug are harmless, and she gravitated to a windowseat downstairs in the craft room.  Except when she’s eating, that’s where she spends her time.  🙂  She’s coal black, small for her age, and ridiculously cute.
Well, it’s Halloween.  For me, that means extra spooky podcasts.  🙂  Since I live in the country, we never get trick-or-treaters, but I laid in a couple of bags of Butterfingers fun-size bars just in case.  I won’t be eating any leftovers, but I must confess, I do eat a York’s peppermint pattie almost every day–only 4 points and well worth it.
Planning a quiet weekend–a batch of Beef Burgundy (the crockpot kind), a little reading, a little music listening, some art and some dog-walking.
Life is good.

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