Winners, a two-horse rodeo, and rain

Tuesday, Oct 28

First, our weekly winners, who should have been announced yesterday.  🙂  Alas, both Debbie Gamble and Beverly Majkut have been notified and, ladies, your autographed books are on their way to you now.  (I was out of commission yesterday, for all practical intents and purposes–not sick, not especially busy–just weird.)
About our own little rodeo.  This morning, Coco and Banjo, mother and son by the way, got out while the Canadian Wrangler was driving the tractor through the main gate, and those two hay-burners had themselves a grand old time while they were on the loose, nibbling from the flowerbeds and eluding capture for more than half an hour.  (Nobody was particularly worried; my horses know where the food and the cozy stall are, and thus would not wander far.)  So Larry, the CW, and Doug Wilponen, all-around handyman, let them have their fun for  a while before rounding them up.  The other three hooven critters, Traveler, April, and Skye, were none too happy at missing out on the party.
We’re getting lots of rain, which is good, after a relatively dry summer.  The wells got low and the pasture never really greened up, but it’s all good.  The leaves are turning, and the colors make me catch my breath and reach for a paintbrush.  So lovely, it hurts my heart.
Our little Gibson is thriving; thanks so much for all your prayers and good thoughts.
It’s certainly the season to read more than usual, isn’t it?  I’ve loaded up my Kindle and am currently immersed in Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, “The Signature of All Things”.  I took my time buying this book–it’s about a botanist and, as much as I love plants, that just didn’t ring my chimes.  I picked it up in California to read on the flight back from the big shindig at Uptick Vineyards, and guess what–I love it.  This book is BEAUTIFULLY written, and I was pulled right into the story for sure.
Tomorrow is Weight Watchers–I was up 8/10s of a pound last week but didn’t really care, since I’d been dining on some pretty fancy grub while I was hanging out in Santa Rosa.  I love this program–I can enjoy delicious food, in moderation, and still get into my skinnier-than-before jeans.  🙂  That’s my kind of lifestyle, ladies and gents.

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